Art Projects from School

The Departed Infographic:

I started the assignment with the idea in mind that both of the lead characters hold opposite but equal lifestyles and how complicated it can get when each one has opposing goals and viewpoints. The time line was the backbone of the assignment and any other information would just be arbitrary stats about the movie which could be easily applied to almost any Scorsese movie :-P. I checked other projects online and most of the color schemes we’re similar with a slightly faded touch for easier readability. I found many used very bright colors and the design was very clear and obvious with its intention. I followed the same pattern, trying to uncomplicate the design as much as possible while being concise, clean, and engaging.

Mitosis Poster:

This assignment came with the pre-requite that we include a few paragraphs of information that we’re supplied to us by the professor. This was an exerciseto help us understand the printable size of type in comparison to the design in question. After having printed about 20 copies of paragraphs in differents styles, sizes, and arrangements, I decided on one and began to incorporate that into a free-form design. I also decided that with enough graphical “candy” as I would call it, almost any subject can be brought to life, mitosis included. First was to decide on a layout where the text would feel appropriate. I then grabbed a few images to lay in and just began playing with the eye candy. I chose to base emphasis on the chart and use the background for a kind of lead in. After a few touch ups and some spatial balance, this was the final product.

Quote Poster:

This was an unusual and tough assignment for me. I thought we had past the point of using quotes for posters and were likely to do projects that might seem a bit more business orientated. Turns out no matter how old you get, the song remains the same. The tough part about this assignment was that we originally had to include a scan, a photo, and a hand drawing, all in the same composition, and attempt to make 20 variations of that. It started out that way but I found myself getting more and more frustrated as I failed to stretch the designs the way I had hoped. Towards the end I altogether jumped ship on that process and brought in a huge mix of the tricks I carry and began to really let it flow. The Matrix, which is where the comes comes from, is a huge but also fairly narrow concept. I had to stick to a theme but drop in different elements to make it flow. I did manage to include a scan (brain scan :-P) and a photo (comuter chip board in background) to stick with most of the requirements, but had to be honest and reject the hand drawing as it just didn’t seem to fit. With some play on the type and a few layering checks, it was good to go.

Type Journey Poster:

The assignment given was that of a time based event.  Whether it is walking to school, eating lunch, doing homework, etc… This was a strictly type assignment and we were to play with slight color usage, size, style, layout etc. I chose to use mornings before school for the assignment. I gave a time line, a description for each marker as well as some information on the classes themselves to emulate reading a blurb from a textbook. I made most of it in list form, stylized it, and rotated it. Simple, done.

Magazine Layout:

The assignment was a simple ingredients and description piece on a food item that is prepared in your home. This was mostly a very straight forward and simple assignment to test the designers ability to take very uninteresting information and design it in a clear and engaging way. The font styling to the colors chosen to the layout and cropping of the pictures. I did not directly copy any magazine, but I did cite some influences from the Times and Wired magazines.

Template for new business cards for me

This originally started out as a project for my illustrator class in which we we’re supposed to make a business card/envelop for a celebrity. I instead asked my Adobe Illustrator professor if it was possibly to do it for myself instead considering all of the internship opportunities I am looking at for the Summer of 2010. I tend to like minimalist, simple, clean, and slightly edgy designs. When it goes to print I intended to you a reflective overlay for the the green with a dark gray standard stock card. Also a black overlay of my face for the back.

“How to Remove Context” – Self Made

This piece was made purely out of boredom. I was starting to get fed up with the amount of talk shows and talk radio, spewing out their ideas as if its gospel. I include the obvious major networks of both sides on this issue. The point was to take any arbitrary news report, conversation, or legal jargon and display it in an organized but incomplete and confusing matter while maintaining some visual styling and interest. Each color was meant to represent a different person or network telling the same story but with a different tone or aspect. This was the final result.

Two Sided Brochure For Arctix

This was my first ever freelance project. It was commissioned for Arctix (Alpha 6) the largest snowboard pant and bib distributor. After many, many revisions and emails back and forth (about 2 months) with the ad director Steve V, this was the final product. The Steve and I we’re similar in our feel for the design we wanted and that helped for a good working relationship. The printing later became an issue as we had sent it to a printer who went too dark. We commissioned a different one that printed well that was more visible and vibrant. The company made the final go ahead to print 15,000 copies to then be mailed out immediately.

Hangtags and Ads for Arctix

This was the second freelance project I received and it was once again Arctix. This time they wanted hang-tags for a new line of heavy pants. The CEO sent me a markup of what he wanted and I went right to work. He drew out a fairly simple design so it was only a matter of gathering and editing the images to fit and feel balanced. The logo was ready made for me and I made some simple edits to it. The back side of it was mostly the CEO’s idea and I made him “exactly what he wanted” as he said. His taste wasn’t complicated but I do think I am able to translate what people want into graphics pretty well.

Amour Logo& SIA Ad

This was the latest freelance project I did. I must admit that I did not make this shield but i did put minor text and lighting edits on it. The logo is of course stock. It was only a matter of finding some simple but effective text that would fit and feel firm. The ad below was a simple mash-up of the shield and the hang-tag design that I did just previous. Implementing both the diamond steel background and the front side panel design. The drawing in the center of all that I actually made myself as they had not taken photographs of the new heavy pant line yet. I rarely hand draw but I have enough natural talent as well as some educational background on the subject to hold my own in a tight bind. I would like to have had another edit on it for the text at the bottom but it has already served its purpose.